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Abandoned Playgrounds catalogue and record timeless abandoned locations across the world. As we travel and photograph our adventures, we come across abandoned playgrounds too.

The guys at AP featured one of our favourite haunts in the Magdalena Island Group, Sardinia. We were happy to send them our photos.

Here’s the article… 

Abandoned Club Med on Cala Garibaldi

The Club Med Caprera is at Garibaldi Cove off of Strada Cala Garibaldi, in the Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park, the commune of La Maddalena, island of Caprera, Italy.

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi (6)

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi (1)

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi (11)

This Club Méditerranée opened in 1954, which is evident due to the straw huts and communal washing stations which were the original accommodations for the early all inclusive Club Meds (both seen above). This facility offered many jobs to locals and was opened between May and October (from October to May this half of the island was closed to allow for military training).

In 2006, the Club Med began to revamp its image due to competitors and closed several of its facilities including this one. It was slated that this one would be redesigned and later reopened with new suites (no huts) and more as it resides in a prime location. Up until 2013, Club Med paid over 200,000 Euros annually for the residency of the property until they could further provide funding to make a new Club Med.

At the beginning of 2014, Club Med handed over the facility to the State abandoning plans for a 5 star resort and leaving the future of the site unknown.

Cala Garibaldi Anchorage

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi (5)

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi

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