2015 – The Hot Endless Summer

This season we saw record highs along the French coast – Hot sundrenched days spent with crew dipping their toes into some of the most famous spots along the Rivera.  Sailing, laughter and a few hangover to boot saw yet another busy summer season for the Mischief Crew – thank you all so much for coming out and getting ‘Mischievous’ As the days grow shorter we put her back on the shelf and head for home, family and friends. Alex & Frank

Abandoned Playgrounds find Club Med

Abandoned Playgrounds catalogue and record timeless abandoned locations across the world. As we travel and photograph our adventures, we come across abandoned playgrounds too.

The guys at AP featured one of our favourite haunts in the Magdalena Island Group, Sardinia. We were happy to send them our photos.

Here’s the article… 

Abandoned Club Med on Cala Garibaldi

The Club Med Caprera is at Garibaldi Cove off of Strada Cala Garibaldi, in the Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park, the commune of La Maddalena, island of Caprera, Italy.

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi (6)

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi (1)

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi (11)

This Club Méditerranée opened in 1954, which is evident due to the straw huts and communal washing stations which were the original accommodations for the early all inclusive Club Meds (both seen above). This facility offered many jobs to locals and was opened between May and October (from October to May this half of the island was closed to allow for military training).

In 2006, the Club Med began to revamp its image due to competitors and closed several of its facilities including this one. It was slated that this one would be redesigned and later reopened with new suites (no huts) and more as it resides in a prime location. Up until 2013, Club Med paid over 200,000 Euros annually for the residency of the property until they could further provide funding to make a new Club Med.

At the beginning of 2014, Club Med handed over the facility to the State abandoning plans for a 5 star resort and leaving the future of the site unknown.

Cala Garibaldi Anchorage

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi (5)

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi

Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi

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See the article on Abandoned Playgrounds


From Rome Heading Home

The days are shortening – the Trevi Fountain was closed so 3 sailors headed north taking in the Tuscan Islands, Corsica and back over to the mainland – great sailing weather saw us have some epic days – the tequila made an appearance and we all agreed with a few unrepeatable ‘Northern’ phrases. Thanks Dad and Uncle Martin


French Coast Piracy

The Pirates came to celebrate a birthday – it all started calmly under the blazing sun but as allegiances were formed the crew became mutinous.


Mischief October Diary 2013

So I struck a deal with the skipper and Frank at the end of September 2013, I would design the identity and website for Mischief Yachting and in return they would put me up on Mischief II for what turned out to be three weeks. The light would be great for taking photographs, there would be hardly anyone around to spoil the view and it would be a great opportunity to get a feel of what Mischief was about and I’d also get a chance to learn the ropes and find my sea legs.

The plan was set. This was our journey…


Bonifacio View

Bonifacio, Corsica

Saturday 12th October 2013, Antibes, France

After a couple of days exploring Nice and Villefranche I made my way to Antibes and hooked up with Alex, Frank, Faisal and Jackie. After a night out eating and drinking too much, we got up early and stocked the boat before setting off into the open sea. A 32 hour mission from Antibes down to the South West of Corsica in a force 6 gale, I was sick as a dog but it was beautiful and sunny arriving at Bonifacio early on Sunday evening, an amazing natural port and a lovely little town perched on the cliff edge.


Isola Budelli (2)

Isola Budelli, Sardinia

Thursday 17th October 2013, Maora Beach, Corsica

After the weekend in Bonifacio we bid farewell to Jackie and spent a day anchored at Maora Beach in the south east corner of the island hiding from a storm which was a very boozy day. Back out first thing the following morning in the tail end of the storm was crazy sailing. We anchored that night in Isola Budelli, a lovely spot in the north east of Sardinia with the most turquoise blue sea. We were heading south to Archipelago Di La Maddalena.


Abandoned Club Med - Cala Garibaldi (5)

The auditorium at the abandoned Club Med, Porto Garibaldi, Isola Caprera, Sardinia

Friday 18th October 2013, Stagnali, Corsica

From Isola Budelli we sailed to Stagnali on Isola Caprera, a moody place, from a distance it looked like we could walk along the treetops. On to Palau where we parted with Faisal, the following day we made our way back to Isola Caprera, this time to Porto Garibaldi in the north of the island, an abandoned Club Med, I was strangely fascinated by the place and spent hours exploring whilst the skipper attempted to fix the anchor winch.


Lighthouse at the entrance to Olbia

Lighthouse at the entrance to Olbia, Sardinia

Friday 22nd October 2013, Porto Garibaldi, Isola Caprera, Sardinia

The winch unfixed, Alex lifted the anchor by hand and we continued south in head-on winds and four metre waves. A long, roller coaster of a journey around the cliffs of Olbia, it took hours and hours to sail a relatively short distance. The boat was trashed, we’d acquired bruises on bruises and it suddenly dawned on me that I wouldn’t have a clue what to do if something happened to the skipper, a frightening thought when you consider that anything can happen in those conditions! We finally motored into Olbia under incredible skies, moored for the night on the town quay and showered off the back of the yacht, much to the amusement of passing locals. The following day, in beautiful calm weather, we sailed back out into the bay and commenced man-overboard procedures, somewhat belated perhaps but worth doing anyway, you never know when the roller coaster ride will start again. That evening we found a wicked anchorage at Porto Vitello with fantastic views of the cliffs of Olbia and Isola Tavolara with it’s amazing cloud ‘hat’.


Isola Tavolara View

View of Isola Tavolara from the North, Sardinia

Wednesday 23rd October 2013, Olbia, Sardinia

Back into Olbia, we were joined by The Merv, Alex’s dad. Another lovely evening, more bottles of wine and delicious BBQ to boot.

From Olbia the gorgeous weather continued, we carried on south making our way to Isola Molara. We got a glimpse of passing dolphins and a wrecked cargo ship on the way and the cloud had cleared from Tavolara allowing us to see the entire island. On arriving at Molara we took the tender ashore, watched the sunset and cooked dinner on the fire.


Isola Mortorio Sunset

Sunset at Isola Mortorio, Sardinia

Monday 28th October 2013, Isola Mortorio, Sardinia

The following day we made our way back north to Isola Mortorio. A magnificent little island, busy in the summer, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Beautiful crystal clear water, the captain washed the dog and I clambered up the rocks to get photographs of the boat and watch the sunset. A stunning sunset, I took some gorgeous shots but as the sun dipped behind the mountains I was attacked by the most vicious mosquitos. The little bastards followed us back to the yacht where they continued to devour us. Lots of scratching ensued.


Porto Palma Installation (3)

Installation at Porto Palma, Sardinia

Saturday 2nd November 2013, Porto Palma, Isola Caprera, Sardinia

Leaving Mortorio for our final destination, we made our our way back to Isola Caprera. With the wind behind us we finally had an opportunity to hoist the spinnaker, I say we, it was all handled rather smoothly by the skipper, with Frank incessantly barking at the bubbling noise coming from the drainage pipe. Bathed in another fantastic sunset we arrived at Porto Palma in the south east of the island, we ventured ashore and stumbled upon a weird and wonderful installation of hanging boats in the old boatsheds.

Back out to sea the next day for a final great day sailing before heading back into Olbia to catch a flight…


Anyway, enough of my waffle.

I shot a movie of our adventure, here it is. Enjoy.


You can find more photos from our October 2013 trip here.

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