If you have any questions we hope to answer them here.

How do I get to Mischief II?

That is the great thing – in most cases Mischief II will come to you!! Low cost airlines operate into almost all the airports along our routes and we will look to plan your time aboard with minimum time spent on transfers. Local knowledge plays a part here so once you have chosen when to join us we will tailor the location to make sure you make the most of those precious holidays. The primary airports for this 2015 season will be Nice and Marseille in France, Ajaccio and Bastia in Corsica, Olbia in Sardinia and Pisa (Italy) for us to access Elba. That said, should you be looking for a specific destination (e.g. Ibiza, Sicily, Malta or Tunisia) do not hesitate to ask.

Is sailing safe? What about the weather?

The safety of our boat and our guests is of paramount importance. We obviously keep our fingers crossed for wind to keep us moving and, using modern forecasting tools track and assess the weather on an ongoing basis. The boat is equipped with up-to-date lifesaving and rescue equipment – carrying offshore liferafts, lifejackets and communication equipment. Prior to any departures all crew will be briefed on these and asked to raise any questions or concerns. We carry enhanced marine First Aid kits and look to operate in the safest possible environment. Directions regarding safety must be adhered to by all crew and by sensible risk aversion we hope to never have to resort to them.

What do I need to pack?

Obviously, our space is limited and as we tend to be on the move everything has to come with us. A soft collapsible bag is the best format. It is worth bearing in mind that it can be cool out on the water so bring a jumper/hoody for the evening but, other than that, expect shorts and tshirt wear. Clearly your swimming clobber is essential and plenty of suncream. We tend to go barefoot onboard (the teak decking is wonderful) but should you prefer shoes then they need to be non marking. Some of the coastlines we anchor at have some great exploring so a pair of trainers would come in handy (along with your camera). We will supply towels and fresh bedding on your arrival for your stay. Our water supply is limited by our tanks so no laundry service is offered…

Will Frank be there?

A popular one! Loyal to his skipper he will be looking forward to welcoming you. And before you ask, No he doesn’t ‘go’ on board but makes it ashore a couple of times a day if we can. An avid explorer and mischievous friend, he usually leads the way exploring the bays we anchor in. He is a ‘people’ dog who loves attention and is great with children and new acquaintances. Non-moulting and a canine food hoover, he is the original salty seadog.

Can I sail the boat or just sit around?

“Do as much or as little as you want” should be inscribed above your bunk. Easy to handle and safe, Mischief II is a fun and forgiving boat to sail. Under the care of the skipper she is yours to command – plot, plan, sail, winch or helm is yours for the taking. Like kids with toys, everyone will want to try or at least offer commentary from a shady perch. While we are not currently offering any formal sail training, the skipper is more than happy to work through both the theories and practises of managing a boat and our home. We hope and expect you will want to be proud of our floating home, we know we are, so we will ask you to kindly muck in with keeping up appearances and cleanliness during your stay

I have an obsession with 1970s Disco – can I bring my iPod?

Don’t we all deep-down….? Of course, music and sailing are a perfect match. We can plug you straight into the system via USB connectivity then all that remains is to argue the playlist.

Can I charge my countless accessories that I can’t live without?

Unless it is something very non-standard we will be able to help. Running both 12V and inverted 240V on the boat means we can breathe power into those life support products (UK and European plugs). CAVEAT: You may find after a day or two they become less important and running them flat is an excuse to step off the grid.

What do we eat onboard?

The common misconception of freeze dried food and beans on toast could not be further from the truth. Our galley is fully equipped to keep even the most discerning crews well fed. Think tasty full English breakfasts, fresh salads for lunch and evening BBQs washed down with at least a few bottles of wine. Prior to your arrival the yacht will be stocked for an initial meal and supplemented with daily expeditions ashore to keep us going. Sit back, relax and open a cold beer to watch the sunset.

What happens if I’m seasick?

Happens to us all at some point – never believe someone who claims they are immune. Simple guidelines will be explained to help prevent it. Most people can keep it at bay by following these and should you be struck down we have seasickness medication and a bucket at hand. Just remember NO ONE EVER DIED OF IT and it comes to pass. Before you know it you will be waving a triumphant fist at the horizon while spilling your beer all over the place!

Can my kids come?

Secretly we are all still kids. Children are welcome onboard under direct, constant supervision of their parents. They will be required to wear a lifejacket at all times whilst under way but sailing is a great activity where often they show their parents up in the understanding of propulsion by nature alone. Start them early and they will thank you later.  Please let us know at an initial stage so we can discuss requirements.

I can’t swim. Can I still come?

Yes you’re still more than welcome. Should this be the case you will be required to wear a life jacket at all times on deck and/or in the tender. If the skipper deems it necessary we will also ask that you wear a harness line when underway. Please do let us know at an early stage so we can make arrangements.

Are there additional costs?

In addition to the daily contribution we ask of our guests to join us on Mischief II, we ask you to meet the costs of food and drink supplied onboard for yourselves and the Skipper. This allows us to tailor your meals to your budget and requirements. We tend to spend our time at anchor in secluded locations which is free but should you wish to head into a marina for an evening then marina fees will be shared amongst guests. Should the decision be made that we require a berth for safety reasons (inclement weather) this choice will be dictated by the skipper. A Fuel usage of €50 is included in your charter (which under normal conditions will not be exceeded). Our trusty diesel is efficient and our tender zips around on a thimble-full, should your itinerary require us to exceed this the guests will be informed and asked to cover excess fuel usage.

I’m a chain-smoking alcoholic – am I still welcome?

But of course!!!  You will be among good company. Should we be lacking aboard, a quick shoreteam can be put together to recruit from the many drinking dives along our route.

Mileage Building / Passage Sailing

From time to time we will be looking for crew to help us move the yacht between locations. This will take the form of an offshore non-stop passage which is perfect if you’re are looking to build mileage or experience for certification. Keep an eye on our Latest section for details or register an interest by contacting us directly. People interested should have a minimum of experience and be comfortable to stand Watch.

Information Sheet

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Yes it’s a sailing boat and given the choice our means of travel. Life is better under an expanse of sail and getting from A to B is a daily adventure.