Nature provides the power for us to harness.
We ride it. It becomes part of us.

Sailing is at the heart of what we do, nothing else compares to that feeling as the boat accelerates away, heeling gently in the breeze. The sudden realisation that we are moving, the pace quickens as the wake creams out behind us and the grins widen.

The ability to harness the wind has captivated man for thousands of years, libraries are filled with the science but nothing compares to being there as it happens. Working up wind to that anchorage we have chosen, with the wind (and sometimes the spray) blowing on your skin, or sheltering in the shade as we ghost downwind after lunch, all makes perfect sense if experienced.

The drone of motorboats racing and rushing along is simply background noise to us. Mischief II powered up in a stiff breeze is impressive; as the crew tuck themselves into the deck cushions the boat becomes alive and the bow wave shows we are shifting up a gear. The distant bluff is worked for and the sense of satisfaction as we round it means we look to the next one.

Everything can be run out of the cockpit and in safe hands, we can show that we are the masters of the sea; not the other way round.

Life with
Mischief Yachting

Good sailing, good eating, good company – great times.

Food & Drink
The Crew


The crew breathe life into any boat and Mischief II is no different. Check out the availability calendar to see when you can join us.

What to expect

Want to know what your time aboard is most likely to involve? Here are some of the details of how we spend our days and time.

The Yacht

Our home surrounded by the blue, we take our lives with us. Fully equipped and ready for cruising to our next destination. She is our pride and joy.


Under sail or tucked away for the day, we’d love to hear from you. If you need further information or have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.