The Crew

We are a team of dedicated professionals living and working on the sea. The Office is always moving as is our home.

Alex Waite

Alex Waite

The Skipper

The guy at the wheel; as owner and skipper of Mischief II this is all I do.

From the earliest memories of my dad frantically rowing after me on Lake Windermere as I set off in search of adventure in a wooden tub, right up until writing this, I have loved my time on the water. Various boats and ongoing training over my time have refined that experience and made me realise that I’m surely at my happiest afloat.

I’m drawn to sailing as it remains an adventure; from the shortest hop along the coast to the out of sight of land trip, I feel that it provides a complete disconnect from the hectic pace of life that eats away at many of us. With an ever-growing list of places under the keel, Mischief II is my home and sharing that time with people keeps me passionate about being out on the blue; it truly is addictive.

After a brief dabble in motorboats, the idea of being driven by nature was just too appealing and I bought Mischief II with a view to use sails rather than a motor to propel me forward. The RYA has been my church, the Solent my main playground leaving me somewhat destitute but holding many qualifications:

RYA/MCA Commercial Yachtmaster Offshore (SAIL), Dayskipper, First Aider, VHF operator, Powerboat Instructor, Advanced Powerboater, a host of dinghy sailing levels and the ever important Certificate in Sea Survival.

Franklin Perceval Waite

Franklin Perceval Waite

Salty Sea Dog

Short legs and an iron stomach, still really just a puppy, this young seadog can usually be found on the windward rail or curled up in the sun.

Whether harnessed to the yacht or in a life jacket when the wind blows, Frank has seen it all already. As a Westie with a great temperament and a love of life he fits into the Mischief ethos, just don’t leave your lunch within his reach.


Yes it’s a sailing boat and given the choice our means of travel. Life is better under an expanse of sail and getting from A to B is a daily adventure.

Latest News

Ships log, a place to record our trips and keep you up-to-date with the mischievous goings-on. Take a look to keep abreast of what’s been happening aboard.


Amazing places, stunning views and turquoise waters. In 2015 we’ll be cruising the French Riveria, Corscia, Elba and Northern Sardinia.


The crew breathe life into any boat and Mischief II is no different. Check out the availability calendar to see when you can join us.